About Ali

Ali Schwartz is a queer-feminist freelance artist, contact improvisation dancer, performer with the intersectional collective POLMORA Inc. and trauma-sensitive (relationship) therapist based in Leipzig, Germany.


Ali is hoping to contribute with her uniquely weird ways of being to reworlding care utopias.


Ali's Website and IG: @ali_nic_an






Intensive With Ali: Zooming in and Out

In this workshop we want to explore the fine, semi-permeable boundaries between the outside and  inside world, me and you, the individual and the collective, the political and the private in the dance and invite curiosity to navigate complexity and ambivalence.


Starting from an exploration of the skinesphere, which makes us more receptive to attunement, we want to let our perception become wider and embody our kinesphere both spatially as the “exterior space of the body” and as a social network of meaning and relationships.


We work with the telescoping awareness of zooming in and out as a practice of focusing perception and a pleasurable search for mutual consent when moving in solo, duet and ensemble.


And in the art of witnessing we invite humor and amazement, because: “Something is happening in contact improvisation that is faster than thought.” (Steve Paxton)