About Cristina

Since I remember I was interested in art and movement.  While at the Art Academy, i studied different kinds of dance until falling in love with contact improvisation and improvisation. This meeting literaly changed my life.


My curiosity and passion for dance and movement shifted my attention from the canvas to the body and its relation with the environment and people.


I researched and created a personal course of study with various masters in Italy and abroad.


In 2013, driven by the desire to know the roots of contact improvisation, I flew to Earthdance (Massachusetts, USA) to study with Nancy Stark Smith and once back I started teaching.


For 7 years i taught regular contact classes at Artichoke, a contemporary dance program in Milan and i teach, organize, and i’m invited to share my experties in workshops, jam and event in Italy and Europe. I also teach performance, drawing and painting in an high art school and doing photographic servises.


Teachers that influenced me are Nancy Stark Smith, Joerg Hassman, Kirstie Simpson, Ray Chung, Mirva Makinen, Itay Yatuv, Angelika Doni, Nita Little, K.J.Holmes.



Intensive with Cristina: Refresh your eyes, trust your skin

We will delve into various ways of observing and engaging with space, both individually and collectively.


We'll cultivate the art of seeing and being seen, enhancing our ability to notice compositions.


By working with eyes closed, we'll heighten our awareness of touch, hearing, and proprioception, fostering a deeper connection with our body and surroundings.


Moving from the inside out and the outside in, we will use dance as a tool to explore, research, and empower our sense of presence and interaction.