About Dino

Dino has been teaching Contact Improvisation for over a decade internationally.


His knowledge of the moving body and his teaching is strongly influenced by the Alexander Technique (Dino is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique).


Further influences include Klein Technique™, Dino's meditation practice and BMC®, and his intensive work and collaborations with many wonderful beings, such as Dan Armon, Eva Karczag, Friederike Tröscher, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Jens Johannsen, Joerg Hassmann, Susanne Middendorf and Yoyo van der Kooi.





Intensive With Dino: Curiosity in Motion - An attempt to find nuance and connection

In my dancing, physical sensations are such an important driving force. They serve as a gateway into never-ending movement, into curiosity, into pleasure, and also into tasting some edges of discomfort and friction.


I will share some practices that I find helpful to access a place of listening and heightened awareness, out of which playfulness, curiosity, and a hunger for sensing oneself and other bodies through touch and movement seem to arise quite naturally.


Recently, I've been inspired by making an effort to share verbally with my dance partner(s) what I actually desire, wish, want, or do not want from this particular meeting, with this particular person, at this particular moment.


I do not find it all that easy to find my words for that, yet I find the attempt always very enriching. It often deepens the connection to my partner(s) and makes me engage in a different way.


I'd like to weave some structures of verbal sharing and negotiation into what we'll be doing during the two classes. And don't worry - you do not need to know or think about in advance what you want or don't want, but you might gather some insights along the way.


As a base and place to start, we'll probably use some CI basics: simple yet complex proposals that involve sharing weight, leaning, and listening, while moving through space and levels.


You'll probably get the most out of these classes if you also feel comfortable moving on your own and if you feel somewhat comfortable with technical aspects of the form, so you'll have some capacity left to dive into sensing, subtlety, and to negotiate various dynamics with your dance partner(s).