Tom Goldhand (NL/IL)

About Tom

Tom is a performance artist and teacher in the field of Dance & Contact Improvisation.


After finishing his studies in Israel he moved to Amsterdam and co-founded the group – Mono Collective that performed free and anchored Dance and Contact Improvisation pieces.


In the last years he has been putting more emphasis on sharing the dance through teaching in festivals, in classes and workshops and in several dance academies in the Netherlands.


All of the above are just words that are saying basically: Contact Improvisation is Tom's passion and he loves sharing it with everyone.



Intensive with Tom: Mistery and Mastery of Spirals

"Over the past few years, one of my primary interests has been exploring the movement of spirals and spherical spaces. Fueled by curiosity and extensive research, I would like to offer and continue this research, exploring how we can move together as one in contact while perceiving different spirals in various body parts, with different partners, all within the dance of two bodies intertwined.


Spirals are a key aspect of Contact Improvisation and movement in general. They can be found in every living being, from our double helix DNA to the formation and structural building of movement patterns.


In this workshop, we will learn to harness this structure, gaining a better understanding of it and using it to create a more fluid and robust way of moving. We will discover previously hidden pathways dormant within our bodies, which, once unlocked, will elevate our dance to new levels.


Spirals represent one of the most powerful forms of movement in our bodies, allowing us to grow from the center outward and from the ground up. Spirals are the path from the ground to the sky, so lets find a spiralway to heaven and back."