Nordtanz                                                 Contact Improvisation Festival 2.-7.10.2018 Hamburg

Registration is open!

OPEN JAM on Friday, October 5th, starting at 8pm

Anyone who would like to join us for the evening of contact dancing with live music is welcome! Admission: 10€

Contact impro dancers meet in Hamburg for 6 days to improve their technique  in 3 intensives and 6 workshops and improvise together in jams. The focus of the festival will be „round corners“. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere will create an intense learning environment for experienced and non experienced dancers alike.


Intensives with: Adrian Russi (CH) Elske Seidel (Berlin) und Karl Frost (USA/GER)



Workshops with:  Andrew Wass (Berlin/USA), Andrzej Woźniak (Poland), Dorothee Däster (CH), Esther Berias (Hannover), Gesine Daniels (Berlin), Irina Hortin (Düsseldorf)