Nordtanz                                                 Contact Improvisation Festival 2.-7.10.2018 Hamburg

OPEN JAM on Friday, October 5th, starting at 8pm

Anyone who would like to join us for the evening of contact dancing with live music is welcome! Admission: 10€

Contact impro dancers meet in Hamburg for 5 days to improve their technique  in 2 intensives and 6 workshops and improvise together in 5 jams. The focus of the festival will be „presence“, „being“ and „awareness“. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere will create an intense learning environment for experienced and non experienced dancers alike.


Intensives with: Anjelika Doniy (RU) & Leonardo Lambruschini (I) und Cyrus Khambatta (USA)


Kids Intensive with: Ilka Krug & Kai Kaldrack (Osnabrück/GER)


Workshops with: Caterina Mocciola (Italy/Berlin), Dorte Bjerre Jensen (Denmark), Kees Lemmens (Nederland), Lena Peled (Israel), Nina Wehnert (Berlin), Roland Nordeck (Göttingen)