About Asher

Deep listening and freely responding in the moment are at the heart of my CI practice.


However, I wouldn’t be half as free, safe or aware of options without training over many years with a wide range of movement pathways.


I’m lucky to have acquired these loose choreographies from a many masters, mistresses, and fellow explorers.


Over the years, in my own research, inspired by these pathways and patterns, I discovered and developed my own training ‘choreographies’ for my own practice. 


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Intensive With ASHER: Earth Patterns and Flight Paths


Learn sequences of movement to train your body’s responses - open yourself to new knowledge of what’s possible!


In these two sessions, I will share some of these with you, starting low to the ground and working our way to the mid-range, fully standing.


We’ll travel, between these levels, and through the space, alone and together.


We will move on to pathways and reference moves for: dynamically sharing weight, inviting ‘flyers’, and ‘airborne’ pathways across & around bodies.   


There will be time to improvise, holding the patterns and paths loosely as inspiration for exploration and adventure in CI.


Photo: Asher Levin und Lucia Navarro, 2024 (Sarah Massey)