Molly Nyeland (DK)

About Molly

Molly Nyeland (they/them or she/her) is a dance artist based in Copenhagen.


They hold a performance and a teaching practice, and their foundation for dancing is within contemporary dance; centered around improvisation and instant composition.


Contact Improvisation has been a part of their practice since 2015 and is highly influenced by teachers such as Nita Little, Anya Cloud, Charlie Morrissey, Dorte Bjerre Jensen, Aramo Olaya, Chris Aiken. 


 photo credits: Klári



Intensive with Molly

"I am researching physical tools for the solo body that I can apply in contact improvisation. Being movable, agile and ready to adapt, keeping a high focus on listening skills even when the dancing becomes complex and many layered.


I am curious how to maintain individual integrity while I engage, dance and care 100% for other bodies while dancing together. I care about the jam space and believe it to be a challenging and risky space to be in, both physically and emotionally.


Therefore I enjoy practicing how to enter and leave dances, so that I can stay in the jam situation on my own terms. I like practicing saying yes and no with my physicality and listening to all the ‘yesses’ available for me in the space. I like researching this together and find words to it aswell.


My classes will be somehere within these thoughts :)"