Bastien Auber (FR)

About Bastien

Since 2011, he teaches Contact Improvisation in regular workshops, courses and festivals in France and abroad (Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, USA, Russia, Ukraine, India).


Bastien trained in dance by traveling and working with many teachers of CI, instant composition and somatic approaches.


His approach to bodily dynamics is linked with the existing movements in nature (microcosm and macrocosm) and with the 5 elements. He teaches also “dance with ropes” workshops.


He is also a geologist, practice meditation, Authentic Movement and attaches importance to the poetic dance. Currently, Bastien is interested in the field of subtiles bodies forming in Geobiology and Bioenergy.

Intensive with Bastien: BALANCING OUR CENTERS

The notion of “CENTER” is often evoked in contact improvisation. For me, a center speaks of a notion of balance and makes a periphery exist, often associated with a sphere. We will try to clarify this term to develop a common vocabulary in our practice of CI.

We will play during this class to make alive together the different centers that I propose to explore: center of mass, anatomical center, center of perception, centers of the earth and of the universe..

With some games of our balancing bodies, and with the connections of partners, we will approach some technical aspects of the CI: positions of the feet, mobility of the pelvis, axes of the column, support of the eye’s view, precisions of a lift.