Christine Mauch (DE)

About Christine

As a dancer, Zen Shiatsu practitioner and sometimes translator, Christine has been intensively engaged in Contact and other forms of improvisation, various methods of bodywork as well as Authentic Movement for many years.



Her work is characterized by a fascination for the infinite variety of movement possibilities, immersion in movement and conscious sensation, communication, exploration, imagination and decision.


Intensive with Christine: Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement invites us to give space to the experience in the moment and to come into movement with closed eyes in a non-judgmental way, and to be with what is right now.


The mindful and gentle framework of this practice supports us in letting the expression of the body happen and exploring this experience in a benevolent and open way. In the context of a festival, this can be a good place to integrate impressions and find a fresh approach to our own movement.


Photo credits: Patrick Beelaert (above) and Avishag (below).