Andrew Wass (US)

Über Andrew

Hailing originally  from Southern California, Andrew Wass is a choreographer, dancer, and researcher. His interests lie at the crossroads of philosophy, cognitive science, and improvised dance.


Looking to dissolve the boundaries between academic research and performance, he juxtaposes corporeal and cognitive practices to discover their theoretical commonalities.


These commonalities then reveal more potential in his teaching and performance practice. Teaching opportunities have taken him to universities, festivals, and theaters in Europe, the United States and Asia.


Wass has performed in work by Nancy Stark Smith, Mary Overlie, Jess Curtis, Nina Martin, and Scott Wells, among others. A member of Lower Left and a graduate of the SoDA program at the HZT in Berlin, Wass is pursuing a PhD in Dance at Texas Woman’s University.


Find Andrew's website here and the website of

Lower Left collective of which he forms part here


 Photo Credit: Kassol Photography



Intensive with Andrew: S.C.H.W.U.P.S. - solo, containing helixes, warm-up practice sessions


During these two days, I will share the different practices I do to warm up for dancing. Sourcing Material for the Spine, Pilates, Qi Gong, developmental movement patterns, and my variations on these practices, the classes will start focusing on the solo body and the range of articulation available within the kinesphere.


Somewhat vigorous at times, these practices can provide a sense of core and the self to provide greater clarity of intention in dancing. Moving outwards, we will engage in simple duet scores to give space for solo body exploration of the different practices.