Nathaniel Damon

Explorer of sound and vocal styles, especially folk singing styles from around the world. He is the founder and director of the Weltmusik Chor Hamburg and gives workshops regularly in vocal improvisation and various ethnic singing styles. Banjo, violin, percussion and computer effects help create sound landscapes to support his singing. Although Nathaniel has been living and studying in Hamburg since 2004, his american roots can often be heard as an influence in his music.

Sören Frieboe

Søren Frieboe  (b. 1959) is singer, musician,composer and teacher specialized in jazz and worldmusic,  schooled at the department of Musicology, University of Aarhus (1987), and in USA with jazz singer Mark Murphy. Søren has traveled in South-amerika, Africa and Asia studying ethnic music tradition.

He has for many years experimented with extended voice-technics, such as overtone singing. He plays on many instruments from all over  the World; Koto, Flutes, Didgerido, Tibetan instruments and African percussion. Has formed a worldmusic project called Dawa.