Ilka Krug & Kai Kaldrack

Feel like an animal!

Wilderness doesn't exist in the city? You will be surprised...


Busy animals and plants are artists in survival and are hiding in the stone walls and between the cobblestones of Hamburg, waiting to be discovered!


We want to delve deep into the citys nature and spend 2 hrs a day, starting at a base camp exploring the wilderness. We will scurry through the park like curious racoons, climb trees like squirrels and practice sneaking around like foxes. We will play and wrestle together like young weasels or wittle with a knife, almost as if we had beaver's teath.


After our daily time in nature we will return to the larger festival community - with smiling, dirty faces and a head full of ideas! Maybe the others will be inspired by our animal playfulness while dancing together at the evening jams!


Ilka Krug and Kai Kaldrack, Outdoor Educators from Osnabrück, have been curiously and happily rollicking about through woods, meadows, water and suburban wilderness with children for years. High in the trees or lying low on the ground, there is always something wonderful to discover. Curiousity has no limits!