Ilona Keňová (CZE/FIN)

Easy strength 

I would like to share what I'm fascinated and interested for many years in dancing. How to move easy in natural way. We are looking for how to find strength by softening our bodies.
By relaxing muscular system of body we awake space in joint and bones which provide sensitive and flexible connection to all body.
We are getting tuned into listening and responding to present moment.
We will working with simplicity and clarity. Sensing details will be opening more articulation in body. 
Aware body is having freedom to dance.

Ilona Keňová


Is a Czech dancer, teacher and choreographer living in Finland.

She works in the field of contemporary dance and contact improvisation.

She graduated as Master of Dance Art from the Academy of Performing Arts Prague.

Her contact improvisation practice developed with Helsinki contact community and people she share dance.

Her approach to contact improvisation is in listening and sensing .

In CI she is taken by articulating body in to details and opening dance to all directions with softness and easy strength.

Art of dance is Ilona´s reflection and expression of  life.