Cyrus Khambatta (USA-WA)

Partnering with all Parts

This workshop will integrate elements of Contact Improvisation with elements of contemporary partnering and performance work. We will start by emphasizing a focus within the body that stimulates a micro-awareness of highly articulated surfaces and mini-pathways, and expands the physical tools and versatility we have available in our body-to-body dialogue to create a rich palate of inter-body communication. Using Cyrus' own release and "fitting" technique, we will grow attention to the miniscule shifts in the architecture of two bodies as well as the internal “state” this creates in our own body, engaging an experiential feedback loop to develop a sensory road map to our partners body and simultaneously our own personal experience (feelings, memories and associations). Using this expressive capacity and this articulated body awareness, we will see how to instigate the dances we desire to have, fully capable of subtly or bigness, focus or expansion, momentum and dynamics or stillness and clarity. We will extend fluid but decentralized anatomic structural elements into a self-generated spatial environment, sustaining multi-sensorial tracking to spawn a depth of expressive and physical awareness, both with partners and in the solo experience.

Cyrus Khambatta graduated from New York University where he founded Khambatta Dance Company which has toured throughout the world to Asia, North/South America, and Europe. He has created and/or performed both improvised and Contact-inspired choreographed works presented by companies such as Ririe Woodbury Dance (Salt Lake City), Pisorojo (Caracas) Donald Byrd’s Spectrum Dance (Seattle), Evergreen Ballet and others. His Contact Improvisation-inspired work received California’s Daman New Choreography Award, he was chosen for the National Dance Project’s Regional Dance Development Initiative and recently was nominated for the prestigious Albert award. He has performed and taught with improvisers such as Chris Aiken, Nina Martin, Katie Duck and many others.Cyrus Khambatta delights in process-based work and being able to offer workshops and classes to help students and practitioner’s enrichen and deepen their knowledge in these forms. As a dedicated improviser whose entire body of work, including over 35 choreographed, stem from a research of improvisational processes, he has spent over 25 years helping people access this material through many access points. He has performed/taught at Freiburg CI Festival, 1001 Festival (France), The New York and Washington D.C. Improvisation festivals, Seattle Festival of Dance and Improvisation, Dartington College (UK), Bialystok Dance Festival, Kontakt Budapest and recently facilitated the inaugural extended 4th of July Earthdance Jam in Massachusetts. His work with his company has been presented by venues including The Spoleto Festival USA (NC), the Choreographic Center of Tours (France), The National Center for the Performance Arts (Mumbai, India), The Vancouver International Dance Festival, the San Francisco International Arts Festival and The Central University of Venezuela among others. He runs the Wild Meadows Farm CI Intensive, produces The Centrum Jam in Port Townsend, WA and founded the 17-day Seattle International Dance Festival ( which has grown to be one of the largest festivals in the Pacific Northwest. For more info