Bastien Auber (F)

This intensiv is a way to go together since the roots of the planet to the edge of the

cosmos through this fabulous channel : the body !

We will focus on the tools of Contact Improvisation in connection with balances that underpin the environments around us (terrestrial or celestial). Through the existing forms in nature, it will be created connections between the inside and outside of the body; between the infinitely small and the infinitely large ! Earth and sky will be passed through contact dance explorations, space games, group composition, individual expression; seeking to connect deeply to nature. From natural aspects we will slide to technicals aspects of contact impro (weight to the ground, lightness to the air, flow of the body and spirals to link all the body movements).

The first step will be based on the links with the environment, with the simplicity of conscious breathing.

The next step is about our roots, our link to the floor, our anchor to the ground in order to intensify our stability, to strengthen our center (of mass).

Then, the last step is linked with the space around (near and far) to facilitate the experience of lifts in Contact Improvisation.

This dance workshop is an approach that is both holistic and technique, it is a journey proposed between earth and sky !


Bastien AUBER (France - Grenoble). After several years of Contact Improvisation (since 2007) he began to teach CI in 2011 to share his research about nature and movements. His approach about bodily dynamics is closely linked with the existing movements in earth and universe (water, earth, air, fire and ether). His teaching is


based on the relationship between the body and the multi-spatial environment (macrocosm and microcosm).

He is influenced by different contact/performance teachers from different countries (Chris Aiken, Ray Chung, Keith Hennessey, Alicia Grayson, Lisa Nelson Angela Doni, Adrian Russi, Joerg Hassman, Charlie Morrissey , Isabelle Uski...)

In France, he teach regularly weekly classes (in Grenoble) and 5-6 weekend workshops per year. He teach also internationally : Germany (CMC festival 2015), USA (New York, Moab Jam 2014), Israel (CI festival 2013), Spain (Fueteventura 2016, CI festival Valencia 2013 and 2012), Italy (Roma Contact 2012), Ukraine (Kiev CI festival 2011), and Russia (where he taught dance with ropes and nature events in 2012). He is also a dance performer in solo, with partners.

His movement is also inspired by his back-ground in different practises (many years of climbing, work as geologist, authentic movement group, vipassana meditation, etc). He organizes, with a team, the "1001 Festival" in Grenoble... and is interested by the poetry in dance! Currently he is interested in the field of subtils bodies forming in Geobiology and Bioenergy.

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