Anjelika Doniy (Ru)/ Leonardo Lambruschini (It)

Composition in Contact Improvisation

A workshop about dance and the things in it that are visible and invisible

Vision is our way of seeing things. We will experiment with vision and stretch our ability to see from safety to aesthetic pleasure.
We will also look at what happens if vision is not our only way of looking and seeing. We will learn to trust this knowledge with our eyes open and closed.

We will practice CI and its relationship with the composition of space, time and place.
We will work with time and understand movement principles.
We will discipline the capacity to stay focused in the chaos and spontaneous in the clear boundaries of the form.
I am interested in seeing dance from the point of view of time, quantity, space, dimensions, pressure, gravity, temperature.
Like baking a cake.
Or calculating the weather.
Or telling fortune in the coffee grounds.

We’ll research the questions:
What is visible, predictable, teachable?
What is hidden, unpredictable and unteachable?
Can we see a jam as an art work in progress?
How does a witness influence a dancer? And how does a dancer influence a witness?

We will always start with ourselves and return to ourselves through dance, awareness, attention, silence.
CI is a perfect way to research different questions about dance, creativity, living through whatever is there.

We invite you to walk the ladder from “real” to “magical” and back =)
Our rivers will climb mountains.
Life will surely become clearer!
About our dance:

Mutual  inspirations.....   The space inside, outside and between us. The moving body rings and rings in space, breathe and if it in contact with the floor or other body - generates shapes and sounds.

Moments of crisis. A status that might, at first glance, seem difficult, becomes a moment in which new opportunities arise, giving new inputs.

So much similarity in the behavior, waiting moments and sharp decisions. And in the same time this dance is surprising me from moment to moment.
I am close to you and foreigner to my self... And I am ready to learn from you to become my self again and again.
Anjelika Doniy

I have studied to be a choreographer, I´ve been taught various skills of training and means of teaching the body of another person. In my “archive” there are many stage pieces from folk dance to ballet miniatures. My work in the Theatre has been the tastiest. The actors, direction and dramaturgy broadened my mind and my image of the dance art form. I began to see how the art of charming the audience is created.
Since I´ve met contact improvisation and the first CI teachers, I practice the art of de-educating the body of another person and disentangling the illusions about movement and dance.
I think that the human being is already perfect the way it is created, and I believe in nature and it´s laws. I dance, investigate and live in accordance with this vision.
I´m prompted in life by the ability to fall in love unconditionally and undoubtedly with people, movement, mountains, journey, ideas. This ability has helped me to learn everything that forms me right now. This is what teaches the others.
CI is the only dance that helps me leave the limits of personality and transform my consciousness. In this sense I´m the student, not the teacher. The better I learn, the more chances have the others to learn something near by  me.
My special interest in contact improvisation is clarity. Clarity towards the practice. Honesty towards how do I move my weight in the space of Gravity. Attention towards clearing the dance from the personal. Letting things happen as they do.
I´m grateful for meeting such teachers as Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff, Benno Voorham, Lisa Nelson, Esther Gal, Alexandr Girshon, Yaniv Mintzer, Yorg Hassman, Martin Keo and many others.
Leonardo Lambruschini 
Actor, dancer and performer. 
I met the theatre in my life at first, the dance has come in a second time. Then, with the Contact Improvisation, it was magic from the first moment. In the dance theater and the play came in. I dance as a student, as a teacher and as a performer, with the “thirst” to explore and let me surprise, for what is happening right in the passage between receive and return, say and hear. I love the creative process that leads people to formulate projects and actions that promote the movement as a form of artistic and personal evolution and social expression.
I am co-founder and Art Director at Spazio Seme (, an international cultural and arts center in Arezzo (Tuscany) 
In my center I create opportunities for research, I organize and manage festivals, intensive workshops, performances, artistic productions, residences. I elaborate and lead courses for children: ContaKids, PlayContact and Contact Improvisation for adults and students of Art and University Schools.
I am one of the organizers of the ItalyContactFest – -  international festival of Contact Improvisation.
I'm attracted from the places or contexts where different art forms meet, communicate and create something, beyond languages and differences.
I am grateful to have met artists and masters like Angelika Donij, Nita Little, Leilani Weiss, Esther Gal, Claudia Schnürer, Martin Keogh, Itay Yatuv and many others.